Hi Everyone!

Thanks for trying to reach us at our Greyling Post website.

I've redirected you for now to here...

As you well know 2020 has been difficult. Many of our indie wholesale outlets had to close.

This having happened we've had to scale back a bit here at GP, as card sales from our website at Shopify and wholesale dropped dramatically. I have paused our Greyling Post website on Shopify for now, and moved over to combine with our Etsy shop.

 [ Current Wholesalers: Existing Card Catalogue ]

Cards to Care Homes

Because of the decrease in demand I've found it difficult to post of large boxes of cards to care homes at the moment.

And posting anything to a care home right now doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do.

Saying that I continue to post replicas of the sales I make to my 95 year old friend Mary, in the care home she lives in. She enjoys handing them out to her friends. Also the care home knows me and where the parcels are coming from and are left for a week before handing to Mary.

Cards you can still buy in this shop:

Our Christmas Cards are ready for sale, you can get them in packs of 5/10 and 20 in the shop on this site.

Cards by our artist Daryl! You can buy a pack of her designs in this shop here too. Also amazing items on her website.

Cards by Nana Mc. Dry hilarity on FSC card.

Cards, prints, personalised items, available on my Etsy Shop.

Are you a shop or a re-opening shop?

If you'd like some more information or would like to stock our cards wholesale please drop me a message I'd love to hear from you!

Stay safe out there.


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