Spending 6 days at the feet of the country, a place with it’s own eco system, best colours and tropical climate, does make one wonder sometimes about the places one chooses to live.

Only joking Manchester! (Half joking.)

The place is in it’s own time, and is a place where ideas flow easy.

JM and I came up with a few new card and print ideas, which will marinate with me for a week or so then I’ll make them probably early July.

Starting to phase out a few of my older, less popular designs now and replace with designs made this year. Trying to keep the number under 100. Otherwise things can get disorderly. Riotous paper. Avalanching envelopes.


“Where there’s a mine or a hole in the ground
That’s what I’m heading for that’s where I’m bound
So look for me under the lode and inside the vain,
Where the copper the clay the arsnic and tin
Run in your blood and under your skin
I’ll leave the county behind I’m not coming back
Oh follow me down cousin Jack.”

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