Hi it’s October again.

It was October last blog post but one. AND the one before that.

Maybe I should only write blog posts in October.

I am in an inn, in Washford, Devon. I’ve little single room upstairs. It’s an old pub (excellence) the upstairs is all narrow and sloped, I have to almost duck to get through my door. It’s 18:19 and I can feel it getting busier downstairs. It’s dark outside. Sometimes when men laugh loudly they sound like pirates.

I’ve been exploring the UK for 4 months now in my campervan. Working along the way. My Etsy shop has been really busy since lockdown, which I cannot thank the world enough for. I’m listening to Christmas songs. Current favourite: I saw three ships, by Blackmore’s Night.

The worst bit is how much I miss Jen and Wenys, so I’ve been seeing them when I can. We have plans all the time so that keeps me going.

The best bits about van life are the bits that are unexpected, and the places you end up in accidentally. My favourite being that recently my plug broke in the van that charges my laptop. So I thought I’ll find little pubs in each place then sit and have a half or two whilst it charges up. What a brilliant plan! I enjoy hunting out the oldest places, basically anywhere that looks like the past. Open fire, beams, crooked floors. I’ve found some absolute corkers. Will add pictures here soon.

I’m moving into a VAN.

SO, we’re feeling the winds of change are upon us.

We’re moving out of our home in Norwich and into separate places for a while, which will involve much visiting, trips, and sharing of Wenys inbetween!

Jen needs to write (preferably in a detached thatched cottage in the middle of nowhere) and I want to roll around the UK in my van and continue to make art and see new places.

I’ll be “keeping a blog” on here about it all. 

end of October

Busy getting ready for Victoria Baths Festive Winter Fair on 12th November. Making clay badges and going to be doing some face painting! If you’re in Manchester come and say hey it’s open from 11 til 4!



Today I’m doing page 2-4 in a new sketchbook. I’ll try and do at least one a day. It’s easy to get bogged down with admin and emailing and computer work when working as a freelancer. Must get paint on hands at least once a day. Need to buy more paints. I use butter lids for pallets by the way. Disposable and recycled - my favourite.

I’m back on instagram and I’ve also started a new one, called heypaperheron. Follow it? I have NO followers which I’m finding funny. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t told anyone about it.  Why can’t we take the followers bit off? Who cares? I’ve made a new brand of cards you see.

Lucy Ridges will be doing a product shoot with them next week! Can’t wait to see what she does. She’s a genius.


I’ve made more cards today. A whole new different range and style. That’s all I can say for now. I don’t think I’ve got up from this desk for about 5 hours. Water. Need water.


Bye instagram. I’m having a little time off.

The new work I create from now will be put here on my website and saved up for exhibitions and or revealing a completed new project.

September will be filled with new ideas and work coming from a quiet and private place, to be revealed together when it’s ready - a no pressure September! 

I’m currently working with a couple of makers and we’re going to put together something swell! 

Good things!


Hey folks. I’ve shut shop(s) as I’m off on a little adventure with some pals. We’re walking from Bude in Cornwall to Port Isaac over 4 days. Being at one with nature tackling a rugged coastal shoreline with hopefully a nice pub at the end of each day. I will be back in action a week on Wednesday! M

Out with the Old

New little range coming along. It will only be little. Like 10, or 16 or something. The characters will be, little.

Going to discontinue a few of the designs I made in 2014. It’s a fair time ago that and want to replace them with better versions. Similar but different.

I’m going to start today by collaging a telephone.

Need to varnish some badger bowls.


Spending 6 days at the feet of the country, a place with it’s own eco system, best colours and tropical climate, does make one wonder sometimes about the places one chooses to live.

Only joking Manchester! (Half joking.)

The place is in it’s own time, and is a place where ideas flow easy.

JM and I came up with a few new card and print ideas, which will marinate with me for a week or so then I’ll make them probably early July.

Starting to phase out a few of my older, less popular designs now and replace with designs made this year. Trying to keep the number under 100. Otherwise things can get disorderly. Riotous paper. Avalanching envelopes.


“Where there’s a mine or a hole in the ground
That’s what I’m heading for that’s where I’m bound
So look for me under the lode and inside the vain,
Where the copper the clay the arsnic and tin
Run in your blood and under your skin
I’ll leave the county behind I’m not coming back
Oh follow me down cousin Jack.”

Coffee on a train.

The best place I find for ideas is during a run, or equivalent strenuous exercise. They sort of shoot in out of nowhere and you spend the rest of the painful session trying to remember all the new tiny pieces and colours. As long as you come safely out the other end with one idea, it’s a success. The other methods clearly and obviously involve a strong coffee and a place you’re forced to be for a short time. Trains / busses, anything with fast paced scenery along with a confused and racing heart often works and I think it makes me look like this. Good though.

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